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Sir Winston Churchill once remarked that “the Balkans produce more history than they can consume”, not knowing of course what amount of devasting history they would produce at the end of the 20th century. Ever since the end of the shooting war, however, the former Yugoslavian countries saw an impressive peace process that is set to be complemented by another milestone as the EU opens the negotiations on Serbia’s accession on January 21st.
In World War I, Serbia fought on the part of the winning Triple Entente. According to the Treaty of Versailles and against its actual desire for a homogenous Serbian Kingdom, Belgrade was given the multiethnic Kingdom of Yugoslavia which included Serbs, Slovenians, Croats, Montenegrins, muslim Bosniacs, Albanian Kosovars and Hungarian Vojvodinans.
Stuck together by a strong hand – first the king, later dictator Josip Borz Tito – the tensions between the ethnics and central power in Belgrade rose continuously, […]

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