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Curriculum: Tailored for Professionals
The quality of the programme is rooted in two principles: interdisciplinarity and practical application. The EMPM combines economics and social sciences to further students’ understanding of complex governance challenges and management solutions. The participants work on international case studies and discuss phenomena against the background of their own work experience. Experts of all sectors regularly share current issues and discuss challenges and possible solutions with the students.
The flexibility of both time frame and content enables each student to adapt the programme to his or her individual needs. The programme offers professionals both sound theoretical knowledge and hands-on management skills, using modern teaching methods.
Participants choose their own Area of Concentration and can decide whether they wish to complete the programme full-time or part-time (i.e. in one year or in two years). In total, 47 days of presence are required and 60 ECTS are acquired (in the one-year as […]

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