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Daniel Keohane is research director at FRIDE, a European think-tank for global action. I talked with him about the position of Europe in the world, the current economic crisis and the rise of the BRICS. As a variation of interview styles, I will present his most important quotes in one go.
“If we look at the world in 2030, there are a few big trends we should consider. One is the way the world economy is changing. We are all aware of economic power shifting from the US and Europe to China, India, Brazil and so on. The non-OECD world may account for more global GDP by 2030, than the OECD countries.
Also most of the demographic growth will occur in the non-OECD world. We will have a large middle class by 2030. We will see more urbanization. Most of the growth will take place in East Asia in particular, and that will […]

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