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Que: What do Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping up Appearances and Nigel Farage have in common? Answer: Surnames that can be pronounced according to personal preference.
Hyacinth, snob extraordinaire and little England social climber, insists her surname is not Bucket (as in there’s a hole in my …) but Bouquet – as in pretty floral arrangement sitting atop grand pianos in National Trust properties.
Nigel, grandiloquent hater of the EU and vocal opponent of Brussels, insists his name is not Farage (as in cabbage) but Faraahhhge. Nigel, like Hyacinth, seems to prefer the elegant consonants and vowel sounds of the French language to the more guttural sounds of Anglo-Saxon English.
To be fair on Nige though his surname is actually a bastardisation of French. That is because Nige, like Mr Rumpy Pumpy (aka Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, to you and me) share a common ancestry. Farage, like Van Rompuy, is a Belgian […]

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