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Getting to meet Claude Grunitzky was quite a challenge. It took us months to set a date and a place, and once at Brussels Midi Station I had to change the location three times, with just one hour before Claude took the train to Paris. Apparently you’re not allowed to film inside the station, as the angry security people made very clear. The cafe was too noisy and also its outside terrace seemed not a good idea as constructors started sawing concrete. But then there was the Pullman hotel, and after some bureaucratic deliberations among the staff, we were able to sit down in a quiet, shiny lobby.

Claude Grunitzky

He was on my list because Grunitzky really has a unique point of view on the future of Europe. The media entrepreneur was born in Togo, but raised all over the world, in Washington, France and the UK. He holds three passports and […]

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