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Invited yesterday to speak at a conference of the S&D Group in the European Parliament I raised the crucial question of the European Common Foreign and Defence Policy of the sharing of sovereignty.
Looking on the current state of the CFSP one has to admit that there is some “movement”. It seems also that many of the experts are excited.
– Excited that the December 2013 Council discussed this long awaited issue.
– Excited that at least in June 2015 the Council will discuss it again and
– Excited that as a consequence in some of the member states – especially in Germany – there is also movement.
Nevertheless the question remains whether this “movement” will culminate in a substantial, forward-looking, revised European approach. In saying this, I mean a substantial common approach to strengthen further the already on-going CFSP. Catherine Ashton was right to argue in her last speech to the European Parliament that Europe […]

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