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Many supporters of the European Union don’t understand the sceptical stance of the British. The very founding documents of the EU speak unashamedly of “step by step” movement towards an “ever-closer union”. So, it’s easy to empathise with the incredulity of our European counterparts when the UK feigns outrage each time Brussels attempts to ratchet integration up a notch. What did we expect?
But sceptical we are. Rather than growing used to the possibility of Churchill’s ‘United States of Europe’, our cheeky half-in, half-out attitude is inching ever closer to outright opposition. The predicted rise of Ukip (The United Kingdom’s prominent Eurosceptic party) in the forthcoming European Elections will be a barometer of UK opinion, and will offer a fascinating hint about what may happen in the General Election in 2015.
Euro elections can be difficult to predict, but successive polls put the Tories third with Ukip three points above them and […]

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