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Rights, water and the EU

Today, March 22, 2014, is World Water Day. This worldwide event has been observed by all UN member states since 1993 when the United Nations first introduced it. The event aims on promoting social awareness on water issues such as access to clean and safe water and the promotion of sustainable aquatic habitats.
This week, the European Commission officially responded to the very first successful European Citizens Initiative, the Right2Water initiative. This ECI intends to promote EU legislation that guarantees the human right to the access to water supply and sanitation.
The Commission response was rather optimistic. Maroš Šefčovič, the commissioner for inter-institutional relations and administration, stated in the press release: “Europe’s citizens have spoken, and today the Commission gave a positive response. Water quality, infrastructure, sanitation and transparency will all benefit – for people in Europe and in developing countries – as a direct result of this first ever exercise in […]

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