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Social practices, and indeed cultural behaviour, evolve with passing time. It was once customary for a gentleman who loved a young lady to consult with parents first, gain permission to date the daughter and then tie the knot. In the same way, it was a fact of honour – and widely accepted – that quarrels between gentlemen were settled by a sword fighting…in the presence of a second, of course!
Thankfully, civilization brought all that to an end. Men today date a woman without an interposition of third parties and quarrels are settled in a civil manner by a tribunal, although the old “second” is still the consuetude, today we call him a “solicitor”.
In Medieval periods, after the Roman Empire, various kingdoms were formed in the European Continent, often born out of a reaction to former extra-European invaders; cultural demeanour was influenced by the Viking in the North, the Magyars […]

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