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Why eCommerce is under attack

May I start with a question? What do you think is one of the most innovative businesses in mankind? Commerce. To sell and buy is a business started from peer-to-peer business to mobile business today. Especially in the last two hundred years commerce developed the way to shop from flying merchants to marketplaces to shops to supermarkets to shopping malls to eCommerce and to Mobile-Commerce. Millions of people like to shop online and use several innovative ways of commerce. The consumer decides how they want to shop, not governments and not enterprises.
But, eCommerce like we know it is under attack.
A growing number of brands and manufacturers are restricting Internet trade, for example using contract terms to stop sellers from selling goods on Online-Shops and online marketplaces.
What happened? Speaking with Online Sellers for many years now one topic is coming up louder and louder year by year. […]

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