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“Excavations of a neolithic village close to Stonehenge have provided new explanations of its origins. It was not made by aliens or foreigners. It was built by Britons at a time of remarkable cultural interconnectedness. Shards of 4,500-year-old pottery excavated in Wiltshire follow a pattern originating in Orkney, a Scottish archipelago; the bones of animals slaughtered at Stonehenge carry traces of Scottish water.
Scottish nationalists should mull that. There are lessons for Eurosceptics, too. Shortly after Stonehenge’s construction — even because of it — Britain saw a rush of continental influence, including the first metal tools from what is now France and amber from the Baltic. Written in stones, then, is this portrait: of an ingenious island country, most prosperous when most open to the world, and with a mysterious concentration of eccentrics.”
– Bagehot | Written in the stones — An eternal squabble over Stonehenge has wider lessons for the British […]

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