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In 2001, concerns about the competitiveness of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry led the European Commission to form a small, high-level group to investigate. The group, known as G10, chaired by two EU Commissioners and composed of major industry and governmental health stakeholders published its final report in May 2002. A few months ago, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) asked me to assess the progress
In particular, I looked at European initiatives aimed at creating a more cohesive biomedical research strategy across the continent. One of the G10’s main recommendations in this regard was the formation of a network of European virtual Institutes of Health, analogous to the US National Institutes of Health, linking centers of fundamental and clinical research to better integrate research across national borders. The G10 group could not itself form policy, but the European Institutions have adopted constructive legislation paving the way for the […]

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