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It’s been a busy few weeks for Nigel Farage. You’d have thought, like the rest of us, he’d take a couple of days off to enjoy an Easter break with his long-suffering, hard-working German wife and family, but no. What with the EU Parliamentary elections so close at hand there’s not a moment’s rest for Brussels’ busiest EU-basher. In any case, after such a brilliant televised debate in which he out-smarted one of the UK’s least amusing politicians, why would a busy bee such as Nigel pause for a holiday. Farage is on a high and he’s not about to let his bubble burst by taking his non-British, EU immigrant, German secretary-come-wife (whose wage is paid by Brussels) on a city trip to Paris.
UKIP are hugely confident of a land-slide victory to the European Parliamentary elections this coming May, quite convinced their likable, comic, straight-talking, man-of-the people is going to smash the […]

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