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Lately, Aalborg pilot has focused on people engagement for its Voluntary Help Service, piloted in the MyN project. The Aalborg’s Voluntary Help Service is coordinating voluntary assistance for people with handicap to engage in various social activities in their neigbourhood.

On 24 april 2014, Aalborg pilot presented their new service at the activity centre ‘LejbjergCentret’, where people with disabilities are coming during the day to do different recreational activities. Approximately 25 people with diverse disabilities attended the presentation. Participants were interested in receiving help from a volunteer especially in order to improve their outdoor leisures.

In order to attract both volunteers and citizens in need of help, a local MyN Facebook page for the Aalborg pilot has been launched:
Become a fan and interact with the Aalborg team!
Leaflets have been distributed across town to local libraries and schools, with the aim of attracting more neighbourhood’s volunteer to give a hand to their disabled […]

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