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The Lisbon Treaty has enhanced the international Role of the EU.
The appointment of a High Representative, de facto a EU foreign minister, and the creation of a diplomatic service, composed of officials from EU institutions and member states, are the most innovative changes.
Thanks to this new constitutional framework the 50-year old Commission Delegations have been replaced by EU Delegations that represent the EU.
Presently the EU maintains 139 Delegations accredited to third countries and multilateral organisations, the most extensive diplomatic network after those of USA, China, France, Germany and UK.
Member states continue to maintain bilateral embassies and consulates inside and outside the EU. Thus Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland and Greece have more than 60 diplomatic missions outside the EU, the result tradition, prestige and trade promotion. Governments seem to consider the high costs worth-while, though EU Delegations could provide most of the political and economic intelligence and one day even […]

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