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Much ado about nothing

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so the old saying goes. Yet, judging by much of the hysteria since the Parliamentary elections last week many would have us believe that the EU is in urgent need of fixing. EU Perspectives is going to stick its neck out and propose that, contrary to what every analyst the length and breadth of the European continent is proposing, the EU is not broken and it does not need fixing. What the EU does urgently require in the coming weeks, months and years ahead are cool heads on strong soldiers, the debunking of the Farage, Le Pen myth and much, much better national reporting of EU affairs.
Kathleen Garnett
Since the results of the Parliamentary elections were announced last week everyone from Francois Hollande to David Cameron, from Tony Bair to Jean-Claud Juncker, from The Economist to The Guardian – you name the man or […]

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