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This coming Friday the EU Heads of State will gather in Brussels to chose Europe’s next top technocrat. David Cameron has made it his personal mission to ensure that Jean-Claude Juncker will not become the next Commission President. Yet, if Cameron’s aim was to ensure Juncker never sets foot in the Commission President’s office he has gone about it in the worst way possible. EU Perspectives has already described Cameron as deluded. To that list must now be added inept and incompetent.
Kathleen Garnett
The EU vexes the English. No one is more vexed and irritated by the EU than that rare, though vocal breed, the privileged English public school boy. Think EU Perspectives is exaggerating? Think again. Look at the profile of all the loudest anti-EU bashers. David Cameron (Eton), Boris Johnson (Eton) and Nigel Farage (Dulwich College). Hardly surprising then that these form the back-bone of the anti-EU push. The […]

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