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Moldova is signing the Free Trade Association agreement on June 27. While this is regarded by many as a definitive step towards the West and the European Union path, the signing of the agreement is mostly symbolic and doesn’t stop Moldovans from questioning their future, balancing the East and the West as equal options. Admitting that the Ukrainian crisis has helped Chisinau’s dialogue with Brussels, Moldova is yet fragmented in defining what is right and wrong, following its historical pattern of the ultimate mosaic-like borderline. This is how I discovered the country in early June 2014.
Crossing the Borderline – the Prut River

Originating in the north-eastern coast of the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine and an affluent of the Danube, the Prut river has served as a borderline throughout modern history: between Romania and the Russian Empire before the World War I and between Romania and the USSR after the World War […]

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