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New book: Next Europe

Next Europe – How the EU can survive in a world of tectonic shifts
After many months of interviewing, research and writing, I am happy to announce the launch of my fourth book: Next Europe.
It is already downloadable from Amazon, the Apple Store, Google Books, Kobo Books, Bruna and Smashwords. Other ebook stores will follow soon.

The EU is in deep trouble. As the eurozone crisis keeps raging on, the European dream lies shattered on the ground. Euroscepticism and nationalism are on the rise, tens of millions are unemployed, Great Britain is heading for the exit door, while Russia flexes its muscles and the Middle East burns.
Is there any hopeful future for the European Union? Are we going to lose the race with the BRICS? Will Europeans ever truly engage with the EU institutes in Brussels?
Next Europe gives some compelling answers to the big questions of our time. EU Watcher Joop Hazenberg, a young Dutch writer who has […]

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