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FC Barcelona supporters waving Scottish flags at Camp Nou

The world is watching Scotland today, and the Catalans will watch closer than most.
Spanish news sites are featuring pictures of FC Barcelona supporters waving Scottish flags during their team’s Champions League game yesterday, and it is widely reported that delegations from the Catalan (and Basque) nationalist parties have travelled to Scotland to follow the latest developments on the ground.
This is because the debate around Catalonia’s independence referendum is approaching its own moment of truth:

Catalonia’s ruling parties agreed long ago that the independence referendum (carefully described as la consulta, the consultation) would take place on 9 November. However, the Catalan government has yet to officially call such a referendum. 

The Spanish government maintains the referendum is unconstitutional (and as we explained here, the Spanish Constitution is actually on Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s side).

The Catalan government will tomorrow try to get […]

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