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The recent rejection to release Evgeny Vitishko’s, an imprisoned environmental activist in Russia, illustrates the backlash against fundamental rights and freedoms in some countries. Multilateral development banks need to take notice of this trend and be more wary of the risk that their lending may strengthen authoritarian regimes.
by Klara Sikorova, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog
On September 24, the Krasnodar Regional Court rejected the cassation appeal filed by the Prosecutor’s Office against the sentence of Evgeny Vitishko a Russian civil society activist known for his criticism of the environmental damage caused by the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Vitishko was charged with a fabricated crime and sentenced to a three-year prison term in a penal colony in February this year.
Support Evgeny Vitishko: The Free Vitishko campaign offers ways to help Evgeny. Find out more >>>
While the court’s ruling is condemnable, it is sadly predictable. Russia is infamous for using and amending existing […]

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