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BUCHAREST, Romania. Thousands of Romanians have asked for the reunification of the Republic of Moldova with Romania. The event took place a few days after Angela Merkel had said, with a clear reference to the relation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, that she supported the repetition of the German model in Eastern Europe.
More than 10 000 youngsters went out on the streets of Bucharest chanting for the return to normality, a month after a similar event in Chisinau.
Romania and the Republic of Moldova had been a single country, like Germany, until 1945.
During the presidential election campaign, all candidates have declared that they would turn the objective of reunification into a national priority. The unification of the two states is seen as a fast way to the European integration of the second Romanian state and the only way to secure more than three million Romanians. Thus, the Republic of […]

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