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Cameron has promised to invoke the spirit of Thatcher over the EU budget

As EU leaders were agreeing the final details of the EU’s new energy and climate change policies on Thursday evening, the FT‘s Alex Barker dropped the bombshell that the UK had been asked by the Commission to pay an extra £1.7bn surcharge into this year’s EU budget. It was clear Cameron had not been expecting this and he angrily accused the Commission of a stitch-up, and refused to pay by the December 1 deadline.
By now, several explanation pieces have been published but there is still some confusion so here is one more try from us to clarify the situation:
Where did the demand come from?
There are effectively two things going on here, lumped together: the standard, annual revision of national contributions to the EU budget, and a one-off recalibration of the way in which national statistics authorities measure […]

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