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Rania Tsopana, Municipality of Nea Ionia Attikis Graduate of Division of Local Government TEI Kalamata raniaaa_t@yahoo.gr
Fotis Zygoulis, Municipality of Heraklion Attikis, PhD candidate at the University of Athens (Business Process Reengineering) fotiszygoulis@gmail.com

Key words: transparency, open data, government policies, consultation, budget, citizens, interoperability.

Open Data Policies in Greece
Open public administration data is data of any kind can be used for any purpose without restriction and produced by public bodies. The use of open public administration data is directly related to the activation of citizens. Enabling citizens’ observatories aimed at transparency and accountability of public entities. In modern information society in which we live it is easy to understand that the availability of data produced by governments, results in the achievement of good governance because of transparent decision-making.
Transparency in the public sector means unrestricted and free disposal of administrative operations and procedures in order to ensure legality and […]

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