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“Montenegro should be a force for peace and solidarity in the world, and not a small cog in the machine of the new Crusades”.
In an interview with the Montenegrin National News Agency (MINA), published 10 January 2015, the Chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro (MNMNE), Professor Filip Kovacevic, stated that, in the first part of 2014, many government officials and their “Atlanticist mentors and highly-paid lobbyists” claimed that Montenegro would get an invitation to join NATO at the organization’s summit in Wales last September.
“At the same time, I publicly stated that this would not happen. Now it is easy to see who was right. Getting the invitation depends on the overall geopolitical dynamic in Europe,” said Kovacevic, asserting that we would see more and more skepticism toward the policies of Washington, especially given the open confrontation with Russia, which came about as a result of US imposition of its […]

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