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EU Community will launch the beta version of its first, free service EurActory on 29 January at the European Parliament. But first, we explain the idea one ‘frequently asked question’ at a time.
FAQ5 – Who is behind EurActory?

At the very beginning of the project, the initiators were confronted with a challenge. The tools and applications on the table would require topnotch technology experts just as much as creative policy experts.
Having useful apps would require people who understand data, tech and development to team up with people who know the EU policy-making process… and know the community of EU experts.
EurActory is developed by a consortium of eight organisations as part of EU Community. EU Community is initiated by EurActiv.com, coordinated by Intrasoft and executed together with the other consortium members which are leading research centres and ICT enterprises.
The consortium includes:

Intrasoft International ;
Fondation EurActiv PoliTech ;
University of Aegean ;
EurActiv.com ;
Athens Technology center ;
I-Europa.sk ;
Fraunhofer IGD […]

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