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Can we use your data?

How can you put data to good use while respecting users’ concerns about their personal data protection? It’s a question that many projects are confronted with when digging into all kinds of data sources.
Already, big data is triggering innovation across different sectors in Europe. Businesses in the retail sector, for instance, started looking into big data early on to tailor their products. Researchers across Europe use data to crack the nut on societal, scientific and other issues. Journalists and media are discovering data tools to find stories and understand the bigger picture.
But citizens’ concerns on data usage have skyrocketed at the same time.
Revelations made by Edward Snowden in 2013 showed that government agencies were snooping on citizens’ data. It led to a huge public debate on big data and the Orwellian effects of algorithms controlling our behaviour (illustrated by The Guardian’s piece titled ‘How algorithms rule the world’). The debate on […]

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