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Coding the City of Tomorrow

By Tony Graziano, Vice-President of Huawei’s EU Public Affairs Office
Wouldn’t it be handy to know which of the people participating in the same event as you share your interests? Well, now there’s an app for that. Thanks to the winning team at the EU-China App Hackathon, the COCOFFEE app will soon enable us to network more efficiently at conferences, by connecting with other participants based on common interests. The project, jointly developed by Dawid Cieślak from Warsaw in Poland and Li Yanzhong from Guangzhou in China, was just awarded the first prize at the final event of the InnoApps competition.
The contest, which we organised together with EYIF, challenged candidates to design mobile applications contributing to making our cities smarter. Adding a new twist to this year’s contest, young participants from Europe and China paired up through an online platform. During the ‘hackathon’, the six finalist teams met in Brussels to […]

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