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Now, more than ever, the subject of the political class creation and integrity (regardless of doctrinal orientation) becomes more than urgent.
What does it mean “political class”? Does the Romanian state have an oriented vision in this regard, to take care for future generations? What is the role of civil society in this regard? But the role of the academic environment? But the role of political parties? Are these actors interconnected?
Can we talk about “politician” as a profession?
For a political class with the capacity to regenerate and provide continuity in defending the national interest, there is necessary a national mechanism that includes state universities, political parties and civil society representatives.
For example, the American model has more pillars in supporting the formation of a political class:
On the one hand we have the elitist parties’ tradition and their role in selecting and training the next generation of political leaders.
The background must have sets of values and principles […]

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