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EurActory, the directory that gathers information about experts on EU affairs, was recently launched in beta at the European Parliament. Of course, you already knew that.
Above is the video we recorded at the event, including statements of the supporters behind the project.
“Anything that we can do to make policy-making more transparent and more evidence-based is very important,” John Magan, deputy head of unit, digital science, at the European Commission, commented. The EU Commission is supporting the project under the FP7 research & innovation budget.
Karl Cox, Vice President of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs at Oracle, explained that “there’s a lot of great information out there”, but “the difficulty is getting the information which is most relevant to each one of the stakeholders”. Oracle is a private partner of this public-private partnership.
The platform was released to get feedback from the community of EU experts, making future development open and collaborative. You […]

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