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The Munich Security Conference’s theme for 2015 was the question “Collapsing Order, Reluctant Guardians?”. On this background, the main topic discussed during the event was Ukraine. A few days later after the conference ended, on Feb. 12, negotiations on Ukraine conflict completed in what the media calls the Minsk Agreement 2.0, giving a feeling of uncertainty that ceasefire and peace will follow.
However, the most important topic of the conference was by far the status of the transatlantic alliance.
The event kicked off with the question related to Germany’s readiness to lead Europe. In her speech, German Defense minister Ursula von Der Leyen emphasized that leadership equals partnership. While Germany is seen to be the de facto leader in the EU, speakers highlighted during the conference that if the Franco-German duo acts on behalf of Europe, “backed by the Poles and the Italians” (as the President of the European Parliament Martin Schultz […]

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