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Time always matter. In 1946 Great Britain’s PM Winston Churchill gave a speech at the University of Zurich pointing out the paramount need for the creation of the “United States of Europe”. The statement of Churchill came after an unprecedentedly devastating war that destroyed Europe in political, human, and economic level. Almost 60 years later, the Lisbon Treaty came to solidify the sense of belonging in the EU and train the next generations with a very specific concept: every time that a member-state would need assistance, solidarity would automatically be put forth in economic, social, and political level. Greece is in a state of humanitarian crisis, being hugely affected by austerity measures. Greece and the Greek people should not be punished, but be assisted under a new political plan that overcomes the burdens and fallacies of Eurozone’s economic strategy since 2009.

Many member-states support Greece, but do not show it publicly
Italy, […]

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