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To date, Russia’s strategic sights as regards to unraveling Ukraine’s statehood lie with Yemen, where the ship bulging with Russian arms, is tried to be passed for Ukrainian delivery-at-door in the best interest of the Yemeni rebels.

Undoubtedly, considering a regular cut-throat rivalry with their Ukrainian counterparts, Putin’s arms trade moguls found themselves on the cloud nine with the situation in Ukraine having gone from cold to frigid. Apparently, resultant of the abovementioned, the Ukrainian arms exports came to a nearly total freeze.
As well as that, with the influx of military hardware from Russia to the Donbas region, Ukraine’s capability towards promising exports of tank T-64 crumbled to dust.
For the record, after the fragmentation of the USSR a nascent Ukrainian state received no less than 2000 tanks of the aforementioned type. Over more than 20 years since their independency, the […]

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