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Aalborg city lights: the winning picture

On February 27th the Turbine Gallery in Nordkraft will close the doors of the exhibition displaying neighbourhood photos from Aalborg and three other European cities.
Stunning photos portraying the spirit and life of Aalborg, Birmingham, Lisbon and Milan were captured by their citizens as part of MyNeighbourhood project. All four cities competed to find the best local photography, a difficult choice to make among the many beautiful portraits of the cities and their people. The winners were selected in each city through a vote of local residents.
The exhibition opened in Aalborg on January 26th to disclose the winner and welcome all interested spectators. More so, the campaign didn’t have to end here – all photos have been included in the exhibition! What better than to share your glimpses? Since its opening, the exhibition has attracted many interested visitors who wanted to see a new yet local view […]

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