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PR challenges in a changing EU

“Accuracy, Authenticity and Interest” was the slogan of Ivy Lee, one of the founding fathers of public relations, creator of the press release and pioneer in the field of crisis communications. Almost 100 years later, this slogan remains at the core of sustainable public relations.
Though it takes long years to be built, an organizations’ reputation can be rapidly damaged. This can happen to any kind of organisations including a supranational union like the EU.
In spite of the fact that the EU has given more than 65 years of peace in Europe, the euro crisis has paradoxically been its biggest media breakthrough. People from all over the world started to follow EU-related news because of the consequences of the euro crisis.
During a networking dinner in Brussels a few months ago, I was sitting next to Maria Damanaki, EU Commissioner 2009-2014. As communications expert I was asked if I had any suggestions […]

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