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They used to say the EU lacks a narrative. The crisis has remedied that. The high stakes poker game being played out by Angela “cool-hand” Merkel and Yanis “motherfucker” Varoufakis has unleashed a colourful social media storm, which continues to throw up surprises, the latest being a successful German attempt at humour.

Featuring self-parodying stereotypes: blitzkrieg, parents slapping children, slapping generally, and the observation that “We started two world wars and almost won them both,” a video from Neo, a programme created by national broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), is the latest to enter the fray.
The video – called “V for Varoufakis” – fuels the celebrity death match being played out on social media between between Mutti Merkel and her leather-jacketed, game-theorising Marxist opponent.
Shaven-headed Varoufakis is described as “the Greek minister of awesome” and “the walking debt”, depicted licking a motorbike seat and described as having musky tasting armpits.
The lost son […]

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