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“…treatment with trisodium phosphate, acidified sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, or peroxyacid solutions . . . should be of no safety concern.” Expert scientific opinion, European Food and Safety Agency.
The EFSA may or may not be right to propose that chlorinated chickens are safe to consume but in this piece it is argued that homo sapiens are, first and foremost, omnivores and as such form a not unnatural revulsion to words with echo’s of over-crowded public swimming pools rather than fresh produce with the potential to deliver a mouth-watering savoury dish. As a species we have relied on our gut-instinct, senses and the advice of our elders for millennia to decide what food is safe to eat and what is not. It may not be a particularly scientific approach but it is an approach which has worked in the past and an approach more feel comfortable with than new foods which have their originins in […]

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