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March 1, 2015: Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) Elections
At the end of February AEGEE-Europe deployed 22 observers to Tallinn in order to cover the thirteenth parliamentary election of the republic of Estonia. The mission’s primary aim was to observe the elections and give a general assessment. In pairs of two, the observers visited over 60 polling stations located in Tallinn, its surroundings and in the country’s second city, Harju county and Tartu. Unique to Estonia is the possibility to vote online, but given the specifics involved, the mission limited themselves itself to observation of the standard procedure in which ballot papers are used.
Our overall assessment is that the Riigikogu elections were very well organized, from the opening of the polling stations to the closing and counting procedures. Taking into account previous experiences of the observers group, they were impressed by the organisation, conduct and good will observed during these elections. Isolated procedural irregularities were noticed, as well as some inconsistencies concerning […]

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