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The witnesses and the experts report why this war has succeeded in Crimea, but miserably failed in Donbass.
The Russian “success” in Crimea has finished by a hard failure in Donbass. A country “Malorossia” stretching its territory from Lugansk to Odessa did not emerge and the hybrid war turned in a bloody and terroristic one, the “ears” of Russia are seen with the naked eye. The witnesses and the experts told why it happened in this way. As it turned out, Russia was not prepared for a hybrid war.
“You in Kiev do not understand and can`t see anything! It`s happening a coup d’état in the country, which is carried out by right-wing radicals and the West!” – told me one of the employees of the Crimean state administration of the SSU during our phone conversation. This conversation took place in January […]

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