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A glimmer in the tunnel

Guest blog post by Professor Vivian Moses, Chairman of CropGen and visiting professor of biotechnology at King’s College and of biology at University College.
One of those dubious classic EU “compromises” was approved by the European Parliament last week in Brussels. While the responsibility for approving the cultivation of GM-crops from the safety perspective continues to rest with the European Food Safety Authority, individual Member States can, if they wish, choose to ban cultivation on their own territories for whatever spurious reason (or none at all) they care to put forward. Combine that with a bizarre reluctance by the Commission to pass already-cleared-for-safe-use products for import from North and South America and one could be forgiven for thinking that Europe and the European Union are not quite the happiest places for GM – and one might generally be correct – but there is a frail light in the darkness to suggest […]

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