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This blogpost by Carlos Calvo Ambel, energy policy analyst at Transport & Environment, was first published by EurActiv
The global picture is clear: both demand for surface transport and resulting CO2 emissions are going to skyrocket by 2050. Even for those who analyse transport on a daily basis the figures are startling – an increase of up to 110% in carbon emissions from passenger transport and up to a whopping 600% from freight.
Even more worrying than these figures, contained in the 2015 Transport Outlook of the International Transport Forum (ITF), an OECD think tank, is the fact that, by assuming existing climate obligations will be honoured, the ITF research presents an optimistic scenario for the development of global passenger mobility, freight volumes and CO2 emissions up to 2050. Aviation and shipping emissions are also expected to multiply by 2050. Reversing these trends will be essential to stave off the most dangerous effects of climate change.
And Europe too has a […]

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