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By WWF Greece
On 11 March 2015 WWF Greece launched a new report demonstrating that there is no dilemma in choosing between the planned lignite plant Ptolemaida V and hybrid RES and pumped hydro energy storage systems (PHES). According to the economic and technical assessment performed in the report, the latter prove to be not only cleaner, but more profitable as well.
The report investigates the viability of alternative solutions, based on RES, to the Ptolemaida V plant. In specific, the current study focuses on the potential for substituting Ptolemaida V with hybrid systems that combine PHES units and wind and PV stations, proving that it is possible to meet the base load demands of the lignite plant. Most importantly, the RES-based alternatives prove to be economically more favourable- under circumstances their Levelised Cost of Energy is lower by even 47%, compared to that of Ptolemaida V.
Hybrid systems were chosen in order to overcome […]

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