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This blogpost by Bill Hemmings, bunkers manager at Transport & Environment, was first published by EurActiv
The UNFCCC negotiating text took an important step forward last week with the inclusion in the text of wording calling for the setting of emission reduction targets for international shipping and aviation, in the context of the objective of the agreement – which is to limit any temperature increase to 2 degrees.
The coming months represent an opportunity for a dialogue between parties on why this wording should be included in the Paris Agreement at COP 21.
The importance of this development is clear. Shipping and aviation each account for nearly 3% of annual global CO2 emissions. After taking account of non-CO2 indirect aviation impacts, cirrus cloud formation and nitrogen oxides (NOx), these two fast growing sectors almost account for 10% of the global warming problem.
Recent estimates have stated that business-as-usual emissions will increase by up to […]

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