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From March 13th to 15th 2015 Egypt held a jumbo meeting in Sharm-el-Sheikh, gathering 2000 investors, bankers, officials, ministers, royalties and heads of government from some 100 countries to celebrate a “new” Egypt.
The purpose of this well-planned event was to show the international business community that after three decades Mubarak and four years unrest Egypt wants to transform into a “new country” with excellent business and growth prospects.
The guests had the chance to listen to Ibrahim Mahiab, the new Egyptian prime minister, promising “Egypt is the future with undiscovered potential and will be one of the leading countries in the world”, while John Kerry told US business people that “with strong private investment Egypt had the potential of securing annual growth in excess of 10 per cent”.
The enlarged Suez canal with its extensive logistic and industrial hub requiring huge investment financed largely by Gulf states, the building of “Cairo Capital” which […]

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