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By Eberhard Rhein Between November 26th and December 7th the international community will again come together and discuss on what to do against climate change. Since its turbulent 2009 meeting in Copenhagen the international community has not achieved much worth mentioning. Above all, it has failed to define a global a strategy for containing the… » read more

ROLL ON 2011! We’ve got big plans for Blogactiv in the New Year, and we’re looking forward to growing our community and expanding the EU debate online. In the meantime, the front page is going on holiday until January 3rd – when we’ll welcome in the new year. Posts will continue on individual blogs (and… » read more

Merkel and Sarkozy have spoken! Forget about euro-bonds. Forget about increasing the emergency funding launched last May. Europe’s leaders, when they meet in Brussels next Thursday, will face a stark reality: the limits of eurozone support have been determined, at least for now, following the Franco-German summit in Freiburg. Economic growth combined with budget restraint… » read more

A group of experts and government advisers, the Climate Change Committee, have warned the government that the current poer market is not efficient enough to meet future targets. Suggestions have therefore been made to push the government to decide how much clean and renewable energy is needed. The government has welcomed this proposition and will… » read more

Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, in charge of inter-institutional relations, believes the draft Parliament-Commission agreement on a joint Transparency Register is an excellent compromise. Although registration will not be mandatory, reputational risks will encourage more organisations and PA professionals to join the database.

Change is good for NATO

President Obama has arrived in Lisbon on Friday, but no-one on this side of the Atlantic seems too heartbroken that he will be forced to leave in two days’ time. On the other side of the pond, however, the Heritage boys and even some NYT columnists think he should have arranged to stay longer, for… » read more

The G20 finance ministers’ meeting which took place last weekend in Gyeongju, South Korea, did not do much to ease fears of a potential currency war between developed and developing nations. The only worthwhile achievement was an IMF-brokered decision to increase India, China and Brazil’s clout and voting power on the IMF board. Geithner’s initiative… » read more

Europeans ♥ EU2020

Great news: European citizens think the Europe 2020 strategy is brilliant. Only joking. But sitting in the Commission press room yesterday it seemed there was no end to the good news. Europeans are enthusiastic about economic governance and give the thumbs up to the priorities set out in the 2020 strategy. Or so said the… » read more

What a Turkish President and a French Minister told me encourages posting some ideas that I had so far just discussed with friends. Last week, I spoke at a major French Turkish conference in Istanbul, summmarised in this article. Behind efforts of rapprochement between both countries, and concerns about Turkey’s drifting toward the East, there… » read more

This story about the 5 year plan for the European digital economy was published by EurActiv on 19th May 2010. European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes today (19 May) unveiled her strategy to create a “virtuous and self-replicating digital economy”. The five-year plan concentrates on infrastructure for high-speed Internet and fostering a borderless market for online… » read more

This simple truth has finally become evident; but it took the Greek financial crisis to carry the message home. In a 12 page communication of May 12th the EU Commission draws the appropriate policy conclusions for the EU and member states. Basically, the Commission insists on deepening and broadening the existing surveillance mechanisms of member… » read more

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