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The Asian financial crisis from 1997-98, followed by the subprime crisis of 2007-08 and the 2010 sovereign debt crisis have all but torpedoed what most analysts like to call “the Washington Consensus“. Entire nations and political groups that had opted in the nineties for free markets, political democracy and neoliberal economics are now turning in… » read more

RMB: countdown to April?

The US Treasury is expected to issue its semi-annual report in 15 April. Will it declare China a “currency manipulator”? This would be “for purposes of preventing effective balance of payments adjustments or gaining unfair competitive advantage in international trade.” This could lead to the imposition of countervailing duties on Chinese imports. The possibility of… » read more

There is an interesting article in the New England Journal of Medicine today (as authoritative as medical journals get), entitled Untangling the Web — Patients, Doctors, and the Internet. It addresses the issue of the changing flow of information between doctor and patient. The article states that, from a clinical practice perspective, the internet has… » read more

The economic crisis is having a profound impact on labour markets, exposing a huge gulf in the pay and conditions on offer in the public and private sectors. UEAPME, a European lobby group representing small firms, summed it up neatly today when they warned that the workforce will soon be made up of insiders who… » read more

The following story about German consent for helping Greece financially was published by EurActiv on 24th March 2010. Just ahead of an EU summit starting tomorrow (25 March), Germany signalled for the first time that it may accept European financial aid for Greece as a last resort, but only if the IMF is involved and… » read more

EU foreign policy supremo, Cathy Ashton, visited Gaza last Thursday During her visit, rockets were fired into Israel, killing a Thai worker. Israel retaliated with air strikes on Gaza. Yesterday, the Quartet, meeting in Moscow, condemned Israel’s recent announcement that 1 600 new housing units for Jews would be built in East Jerusalem. Next Thursday… » read more

The EU is taking its time in deciding what real policy actions to implement regarding the crisis over Greek finances and the eurozone, but publics in Greece and elsewhere are not waiting to express their disenchantment with national and supranational elites.

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