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Understanding Russia

Yesterday’s meeting in London between Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev was very welcome. They are to seek to agree a new arms control treaty this year. Obama has indeed ‘pressed the reset button’, as promised. The atmosphere of the meeting was good. With Barack Obama replacing George W Bush, hopefully western understanding of Russian… » read more

Immigration policy discussion is gaining speed inside EU. It has been said that harder attitude towards immigrants has guided peoples voting behaviour related e.g. to Lisbon Treaty, it is one topic while considering EU enlargement and today’s financial turmoil is heating discussion more. One aspect of immigration policy discussed in Finland is […]

Gordon Brown, in a whirlwind trip to Brussels and the Americas, is seeking to ensure that there will be broad consensus at the G20++ summit in London next month on, in particular, stimulus packages and new regulation. There is consensus as to the existence of a global economic and financial crisis, but on little else.… » read more

The Conference of European Presidents have decided that three reports on the Lisbon Treaty (Brok, Dehaene and Leinen), adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee, would not be put to plenary. The reason is that a major public debate on arrangements applying the Lisbon Treaty could affect adversely the second Irish referendum. Parliament has obviously caught… » read more

The Conservatives will leave the EPP-ED group after the June elections. Joseph Daul, leader of the European People’s Party group was formally informed on Wednesday, in Strasbourg, by a Conservative delegation led by foreign affairs spokesman William Hague. The stated intention is to establish a new grouping in the European Parliament. There are currently 27… » read more

The European Competitiveness summit should look very different this year. The March 19-20 meeting will be struggling to finalise an EU position for the April 2 crisis meeting of the G20 in London on the basis of the Commission’s Communication. Negotiations will take place against a profoundly uncertain economic backdrop where there are major potential… » read more

The biggest European automobile manufacturer has announced its intention to introduce a new extra high fuel-efficiency model as of this autumn. Its consumption would be 3.3 litre/100 km, or the equivalent of 87 grammes C02 emissions per km. This news has to be on the background of aconfirms swing in the automobile market away from… » read more

Cohesion Policy makes up the largest chunk of the EU budget. It is of tremendous importance to put the EU on a growth and innovation trajectory and to align national and regional development policies for the knowledge society. To help the future orientation of cohesion policy towards regional R&D and innovation needs, ERRIN, the European… » read more

The European Commission will present a preliminary assessment and response to the main conclusions of the de Larosière Report on 4 March. A detailed implementation plan should be produced by the end of the year. The report published on 26 February, calls for tightened financial supervision, makings 31 recommendations and calling for a European System… » read more

Eastern Europe has been stealing jobs by using their people to produce French cars being sold to French people. That is going to stop with me. This is the baseline of Sarkozy’s remarks in the last couple of days. But as we have seen in the 1930s, protectionism results in retaliation after retaliation, countries keep… » read more

For the second time in three years, the EU faces a cut of its gas supplies from Russia, which provides about 25 percent of its gas needs. Millions of people in South-East Europe find themselves without proper heating after the Ukrainian transit gas pipeline has been shut off January 7th amid harsh winter temperatures. The… » read more

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