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The prospects of a lasting two-state solution are rapidly fading. Both sides have divided and weak leadership. Neither side seems to believe any longer in the attainment of a fair, stable peace. The Israeli elections take place on 10 February: its likely results will not be peace-encouraging. Barack Obama takes office on 20 January, from… » read more

Have you ever thought about taking a green driving test? Here’s a video of an environmentally-minded driver who took one. Proud of the fuel efficiency he gets from his own car, “how hard can it be?” Patrick Barkham asked as… Original post by Debra

European Cohesion Policy is becoming ever more important in strengthening competitiveness and innovation capacity in our regions. Compared to other important instruments such as the Research Framework Programme or the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme it does not only have ‘critical mass’ in terms of budget allocation, but it is also crucial in aligning national and… » read more

When I sometimes in my blogs wrote about Transdnistria (officially Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic – PMR) the most common feedback has been following: “Transnistria is a refuge for the criminal organizations being engaged in the illegal sale of weapons, in the contraband and in the money laundering, its also a rogue state.” One could conclude that… » read more

Michal Lehuta has a very nice chart of a few selected EU member state’s long-term economic performance. Between 1997-2010 the gap between Central European and Western European GDP’s have diminished significantly. It looks that Slovenia will reach the EU average level at first, Slovakia and Estonia are the biggest relative winners. On the other side,… » read more

On 3 and 4 November 2008, MEPs and national MPs gathered to discuss the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) and the world food security role. At the opening of the meeting, European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pötting announced that “the aim must be a productive, high-performance, future-oriented agriculture, which preserves rural areas”. It was said […]… » read more

Available here, for the record. Like the Eurelectric position papers (see previous post) referencing on this blog does not imply any endorsement. Original post by markjohnston

As I think about presidential election in US today, unfortunately, I must predict that Barack Obama runs for victory. To be more concrete, I would vote for McCain because of his political ideas, right-oriented economic belief, ethical values and responsible defense and security issues. But on the other hand, there is my personal view, shaped… » read more

Most of you heard that Montenegro (together with Macedonia) recognized independence of Kosovo. Montenegro has actually, just one day before recognition, supported Serbia in the UN security council, in order to reconsider Kosovo issue in front of the International Court of Justice. By doing this, Montenegro supported its “ex-big brother” Serbia, and yet, just one… » read more

Co2 and Open Innovation

I am at the Europe Innova conference in Lyon. In the Opening Session, one of the speakers, Luc Chatel, a French Secretary of State for Industry, who spoke on behalf of the French Presidency stressed, among others, how important innovation and entrepreneurship was to his country. He highlighted, in particular, the importance of eco-innovation, which… » read more

I was amazed to read about hours-long queues outside polling booths set up for early voting in 46 of the 50 American states ahead of the 4 November election day. Voter’s intentions could normally be influenced by what happens between now and 4 November. Substantial numbers of early voters are predicted. This could be a… » read more

Countries in Western Balkans have all some European Perspective. Slovenia is already in, Croatia is hoping to conclude its EU membership talks by the end of 2009, Macedonia has candidate status, membership applications from Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina are in cue, Serbia (with or without Kosovo or part of that) has the Stabilization and Association… » read more

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