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(Borrowing the style of Le Point) En hausse Gordon Brown – Extraordinary success in influencing Euro and American leaders Nicolas Sarkozy – Successfully drove EU leaders to agree EU package Manuel José Barroso – Sarkozy seems to have changed attitude towards him. Invited to Camp David with Sarkozy Dominique Strauss-Kahn – His stark warning influenced… » read more

Jörg Haider, Austria’s definig populist politician has died in a car accident this morning. Haider had been probably the best-known politician of his country. As a chairman of the once small Freedom Party (FPÖ) between 1986-2000 he formed a strong, populist movement which received 29% of the vote in the 1999 elections. Austria came under… » read more

Early elections in Austria

The Austrian grand coalition broke up in the summer and they went into an early election. The voters have had enough: the two major parties achieved their worst results since 1945. There are at least three possible coalitions. Although the Austrian elections seem to be the same old boring thing for the rest of the… » read more

Jose Manuel Barroso said on Wednesday 3 September that it would be “possible” for Serbia to win the status of an EU candidate country in 2009, provided that it fulfills the necessary conditions, although the integration process “cannot be a calendar-driven process, but should be a reform-driven one.” For his part, Serbian president Mr Tadic… » read more

United States Foreign policy during last decades could be described as series of strategical errors. When Soviet Union splintered, the US saw possibility to widen its influence through breakaway republics and former satellites, do whatever want in the rest of world and feed her powerful military-industrial complex. Supporting on one hand nationalist/populist leaders (Georgia, Ukraine,… » read more

Obama needs a new Dream

I sincerely hope Barack Obama will become the next US President but his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention last night did not convince me that he will be the One solving our global climate and energy crisis. Obama’s keynote address was big on changing the political culture in Washington and rescuing the American Dream… » read more

We are not blind!

Government in Bucharest decided to replace Mr. Daniel Morar, head of national anti-corruption directorate. Official reason why he should leave his office is that national government needs him on the post of special “liaison“ in Brussels. He would be responsible for mediating dialogue between European Commission and Romanian Government. The reality is that no member… » read more

Return of history (2)

By remarkable coincidence, Kishore Mahbubani, with whom I have in the past exchanged views both in Singapore and by email, wrote in yesterday’s Financial Times, making the identical point that my post made: we are seeing played out in Georgia, “the return of history” – not its end and not the “triumph of western civilisation”.… » read more

Nicolas Sarkozy is so proud of what the EU at the behest and through FRANCE has achieved in Georgia: At the behest of the French presidency, Europe put itself on the front lines from the outset of hostilities to resolve this conflict — the third … Original post by atlanticreview

Bearing in mind the risks for Poland’s allies in the Caucasus, Georgia above all, Warsaw’s recognition of the Kosovo Albanians’ secession was described as an irresponsible move by Nobel Peace laureate and former Polish president, Lech Walesa. “Recognizing Kosovo will bring nothing but trouble. No one can be denied the right to self-determination, but only… » read more

Bosnian X-files opening

Very interesting interview of former Hague Tribunal spokeswoman Florence Hartmann popped to my eyes from newspaper Blic. Referring the arrest of Radovan Karadzic she told, that “information about the fugitives’ whereabouts was abundant, however, it would always turn out that one of the three countries – the U.S., Britain or France – would block […]… » read more

Li Yu: I think the Party will try their great effort to take the Olympics as a good opportunity to show their achievement during the past half century, but for me, I hope this could be a good chance for the world to know more about Chinese culture, Chinese people, and our real life. Original… » read more

If you wish to restrict your consumption of hazardous pesticides you are advised to:- i) eat vegetables and fruit crops (in fact all crops) that have been treated with synthetic pesticides, ii) to cut down on eating organic vegetables and fruit and iii) reject the skins of fruit and vegetables. This advice is the inevitable… » read more

valentine anatolevich akishkin: The averse restrictions of US economy together with the growth of other centres of influence will speed up the destruction of Bushizm and reformulate US fundamental postulates allowing the country to readjust itself to new world challenges employing agreeable and less costly means, leaving more roo Original post by Atlantic Community

Israel’s ambassador to Croatia, Shmuel Meirom, harshly criticized on Thursday 31 July 2008 the funeral given to a head of a World War Two concentration camp in Zagreb, saying also that it insulted the memory of those killed in the camp run by Croatia’s Nazi-allied Ustasha regime. Sakic died aged 87 on July 20 while… » read more

PES office will be closed until 18th August and as a result no new blogs will be published until that date. The issues facing Europe, however, do not go on vacation. The debate must go on. Yourspace, as always, remains your space and you may comment on blog posts. With European elections next June, campaigning… » read more

David Francis: Obama’s popularity should not be interpreted as a shift in German policy towards the United States. Many officials I spoke with while reporting from Berlin earlier this year said Germany will continue to act in its own interests no matter who is in the White House. Any debt owed to the United States… » read more

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