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Ahead of the Democrat Presidential candidate’s current foreign trip, Barack Obama laid out his ‘national security strategy’ in Washington on 15 July. His inspiration for the renewal of the global order is George Marshall. Needed then and needed again now is “a new overarching strategy to meet the challenges of a new and dangerous world.”… » read more

“Beyond the platitudes and projects lies the germ of a brilliant idea”, said The Economist’ leader of 12 July, before the “Union for the Mediterranean” was launched yesterday in Paris. The event was a great success for Nicolas Sarkozy and French diplomacy. The atmosphere was good and the body language and informality at the final… » read more

November-December 2008 Israel launches huge air offensive on Iranian nuclear sites. Iran attacks US shipping in the Gulf. Strait of Hormuz blocked. Widespread attacks on US civil installations in the Middle East and Europe. Oil price passes $200. George W Bush brings air and naval forces into the conflict. ??? Alarmist thinking? No. Ask yourself:… » read more

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